DE Employment Solutions was founded by Eric Midder Sr. after thinking about how difficult finding a job truly can be. Having gone through several major company mergers, restructures, and layoffs in the DC area, he decided to put together his plan to help others nationwide by starting DEES.

Resume Services

Send us your resume and receive a complete resume analysis in two business days.

Consultation Services

From career counseling to interview preparation to helping build/refine your professional social media presence.

Leadership Mentoring

If you are new to leadership, discuss topics like going from peer to manager, being yourself, leadership vs. managing, and much, much, more.

Job Application Services

We will search for and apply to jobs using your order form’s provided criteria and contact information.

What Is DE Employment Solutions?

DE Employment Solutions is a full-service provider of employment services aimed at getting you employed and keeping you employed. We assist with creating and revising resumes, applying to jobs for you, career counseling and so much more.

We offer free consultations to get to know you as a client, find out what your needs are and plan a path for your success.

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